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My oily journey began in late 2016 when my younger sister introduced me to Young Living oils (somewhat against my will!).  It soon became clear these oils were changing my health and my life, and I've since invested in the company whole heartedly.  I incorporate oils into my daily life in several ways, including taking them in capsule form to boost my immune system, swapping them in place of toxic cleaning products, diffusing them around the house to uplift my mood, and wearing them (like perfume) to promote stellar mental health and good vibes around me.  Currently, my favorite oil combination to wear or diffuse is Joy + En-R-Gee, because those are two things I can never seem to get enough of.
When I'm not talking about oils, you can find me playing with my cats (I'm a cat lady for sure!) or hiding behind a camera.  I'm a wedding and family photographer living in Long Beach, CA with my husband James and our two cats.  I love Bikram yoga, going on adventures with my friends, and frequenting our local breweries.  I'd love to spend some time with you and share my passion for these amazing little oils! :)

Amanda Doskocil

​​member #10674458