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I have been a Flight Attendant for 25 yrs. Eight years ago my husband Roger and I moved across the country with our dogs and set up camp in the Poconos.
Life was good, we got involved with Pocono Greyhound Adoption and I was flying internationally! 
Then, came the back problems. Herniated, bulging, degenerative disc, arthritis and a broken tailbone. After 3 yrs in and out of doctors offices with prescriptions, PT routines and injections I wasn't getting any better. Just learning how to "manage" the pain.

Enter Young Living....
After 6 months of experimenting with all the different oils and options Young Living has to help support better joint and muscle health, I am moving around and living life again!! What a change these little bottles of liquid gold have made in my life as well as Roger's and even our dogs. There truly is an oil for everything, and everyone....Even our four legged friends! 
I love sharing the success I've had, email me at dredog55@hotmail.com, if I can help you get "upright" and moving again!

Andrea Kliesch

member #1781568