Annie Blietz

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Annie Blietz, of Salem, Oregon, began her Oil-loving journey in her early twenties, always wearing Lavender essential oil as perfume.  Through decades of this process, she noticed all the varieties of lavender oils felt different, smelled different, & tasted different.   Something didn’t seem “100% pure” as most are marketed or labeled….. In February 2015, Young Living Essential Oils came into her life & changed EVERYTHING!  The lavender oil was PERFECT.  The Seed to Seal Promise was the most special thing Annie could imagine, the viscosity of the oils was incredible, just PRICELESS to her!  It was then, Annie knew these very special oils would grow in her usage past just an oil as a perfume & begin to heal her family & promote the healing lifestyle wanted by all. These were PURE & REAL. 

Annie has now adopted a lifestyle of living as toxin-free & cruelty-free as possible, relying in Young Living for her home, health, & beauty care products.  These natural oils and the Young Living lifestyle has become the passion of her life, sharing about toxin-free living without harming animals or the Planet.  Annie is very supportive & knowledgeable in natural choices for health & well-being as well as, beauty products and home cleaning products. Please learn more today about Hugging the Planet too! 

Annie is a wife, mother, & grandmother who manages a Physical Therapy office as well as shares the Young Living Dream of helping others, help themselves.  Annie loves a Healing environment and enjoys sharing with patients and community members about the Young Living Seed to Seal promise, as well as, the Young Living Foundation, making a difference, through us making a difference in our own lives.