Carla Magaña 

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I began my journey in essential oils after encountering a cancer scare. It certainly was an eye opener and a wake up call for me. From that time I have been on a mission to live above the wellness line, to clear my home, myself and my family from toxins and chemicals and live a natural based lifestyle. My eyes and ears started paying attention to the words: healthy, wholesome, organic, natural, chemical free, non toxic, etc and thus essential oils came into the picture. I've done my research, asked a lot of questions, inquired from start to finish and have seen and continue to feel results; Young Living Essential Oils are by far the holy grail of essential oils. There isn't another company out there that comes close to the years of quality, high standards, and expertise as Young Living exemplifies. 

 I look forward to help guide you on a natural path to living a healthier and more productive life style.