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Hey there! My name is Christiane (pronounced “Kristy-Ann”). I live in San Marcos, CA, with my husband, Jared, and our 2-year-old son, Joshua. Although our journey with Young Living oils began in 2015, we were no strangers to the power and effectiveness of essential oils. My great-grandfather, a medical doctor who practiced in the Philippines, often gave my grandmother advice on alternative remedies that she used on her 9 children and 7 grand-children. I used essential oils (EOs) all my life, but as I got older, I questioned the purity, production and quality standards of the oils we were using.

In 2015, some of our friends were introduced to Young Living. I had lunch with this couple one day and they let me try some lemon EO in my glass of water. They shared their story of how they were introduced to Young Living and also told me a little bit about the Company’s purity standards. I excitedly told them “Come over tonight and give us the spiel so Jared can hear it too! I want these oils!” Before the couple even arrived that evening, I told my husband how much the starter kit would cost us, and we agreed to purchase one if neither of us had any uneasy feelings about the membership. Before the night was over, we were signed up.

Since then, I gave birth to an amazing, little boy. It’s been a huge blessing to have these EOs in our home. During some of his most intense teething, and giving him Tylenol almost every day, I did a little more research and discovered an EO teething blend that helped my little guy make it through almost two months without needing another drop of Tylenol. Also, before I felt comfortable using oils on my baby, he was getting sick almost once a month. And when baby gets sick, so does mama! Our colds would last for weeks, too! It was so tiring. The first time I used Thieves on my son [properly diluted for his age], his cold never became full blown, and it lasted barely a week; and I was able to avoid it altogether since I was also using Thieves to support my immune system. What a relief that was for me as a mama! It’s really nice having Young Living essential oils as a remedy in our home to help alleviate headaches, muscle soreness and pain, tummy troubles, restlessness and the occasional cold. Not to mention diffusing oils to get rid of stinky smells in the house instead of the candles I used to be addicted to (which would end up hurting my lungs and making my nose burn!). I’ve been working on getting rid of more and more of the toxic cleaners and toiletries we use, too; replacing them with YL Thieves products and other facial care. It’s amazing how this all becomes such a priority when you have a little human (a.k.a. a kid) getting into everything in your home!

As you can tell, I love talking oils and Young Living. If there are any questions I can help answer for you, please feel free to contact me at christianelawrence@gmail.com. I’m also so extremely grateful to be a part of the Oily Sistas and Brothas resource group! It’s an awesome thing to become a Young Living member; but to be a YL member who is also part of the Oily Sistas and Brothas group is like having the most supportive family with access to an encyclopedia of oily knowledge! There’s no need to slide through this oily journey alone when you are part of this community! Welcome! Make yourself at home and stay awhile!

Christiane Lawrence

member #2737417