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Hi!  My name is Danielle Erbe and I am a wife to an incredible man and mother to two great boys.  My husband and I own and operate our own business in the solar industry.  We work hard and love to spend time with our families and friends.   After becoming a Momma and wanting my family to live a healthy, balanced life, I began exploring ingredients in food and paying attention to chemicals that we were being exposed to us on a daily basis.

I love for my home to smell fragrant and I had been searching for a solution to the chemical laden products on the market.  I saw a post on Facebook of a diffuser with oils and ordered it on the spot. It has been one of the smartest purchases that I have ever made! At first I just enjoyed how wonderful how all these oils smelled.  I then began hearing about all the different ways to incorporate the oils into our daily lives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I have helped my boys with sleep issues, tummy aches, ear aches, and sore joints from sports.  My husband with headaches and achy muscles and myself to aid in hormonal balance and being as stress free of a Mom as possible.  It feels so good as a parent to be able to comfort my children when they are not feeling well and I am giving them something pure, instead of a chemical riddled over the counter medicine.  I look forward to sharing these oils with you and helping you change your life for the better!

Danielle Erbe

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