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Hello! My name Dawn (or Christie to some) and my sister-in-law and I co-founded The Oily Sistas. I am an Integrative Health Practitioner and a lover of essential oils, a wife of a neuropsychologist, Michael Taylor, and the mom of 2 wonderful children, Emily 26 and Josh 21. We have made brave steps toward eliminating traditional medicines in our home, and are so happy to be using essential oils in their place. I have worked in the medical field in several different capacities but have found my passion working with families to incorporate healthy nutrition and toxin-free living. I’m so excited to share this wellness journey with you because it has literally transformed my health and well-being in amazing ways!

I am passionate about education, personal knowledge and research and am confident that we can work alongside our health care professionals in a natural, safe, and effective way with these essential oils and toxin-free products. I have become so fascinated by the science and power of Young Living Essential Oils and am intrigued and empowered daily to have them in my medicine cabinet!  

Mike & DawnTaylor

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