Essential Rewards

Do you want to earn free product?  Yes, you heard that right – FREE!!!  Young Living offers two different opportunities to earn free product each month that we know you’re going to love!  

First, Young Living offers a loyalty points program to their wholesale members called Essential Rewards.  This is a monthly auto-ship program, but don’t let that term scare you.  Here’s why…

  • Enrollment in Essential Rewards can be cancelled at any time, without any penalties, and you’ll still be able to place regular orders as a wholesale member.
  • You decide what to have shipped to you each month – in fact, you can change your order as many times as you like until midnight on your processing date! 
  • You can change the date your order will ship each month, if you so desire. 
  • Young Living orders are based on PV or personal volume.  Most often, the PV is the same as the wholesale dollar amount of the product. So, for example, a 15 mL bottle of lavender is $24.25 wholesale, meaning the PV for lavender is 24.25. Your Essential Rewards order only has to be a minimum of 50 PV each month.
  • Essential Rewards orders qualify for a discounted, flat rate shipping, or free shipping if you have YL Go! (check out for more information.

As you can see, the Essential Rewards program is super flexible and a fabulous way to get a wellness box to your door with ease, on a monthly basis. Now here’s the best part…

When you place your order through ER (that’s short for Essential Rewards), you get a percentage back in ER points to use on anything your little heart desires!  The longer you are enrolled in Essential Rewards, the higher your percentage back. Earn 10% back for your first 3 consecutive months, 20% through 24 consecutive months, and then BAM! – 25% back starting on the 25th month on ER.  Pretty sweet, right?  Spend ‘em or save ‘em – the choice is yours – but if you are using the products and ordering anyway, why not get some free stuff while you’re at it! Young Living will also gift an oil as you're on ER at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and then annually! Who doesn't love gifts?!

Second, wholesale members are able to take advantage of Young Living’s monthly promotion.  This promotion is based on a member’s PV (or personal volume) in a single order.  Each month, different free oils, products and ER points are given for reaching various PV totals...  

  • 100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV, 300 PV (and sometimes 400 PV) are the tiers and the free oils, product, ER points earned accumulates as your order PV increases with a bonus oil or product added with each tier​.

Doesn’t all this talk about free stuff get you excited?  Head on over to our ORDER page to find out how you can become a member today!  Keep an eye out for the promotions and lots of great articles and recipes right HERE on the Young Living blog!