Hi, I'm Holly and I am all about my family and what we can do to make our lives happier and healthier.  I'm a wife to an incredible chef and a mom to two amazing girls, 22 and 3.

I had been on prescription meds for high blood pressure, depression/anxiety and hormones since my early twenties.  I never liked taking the meds, because of the way they made me feel or the many side effects that seem to create more problems.

I had been reading Dawn and Kris's post for about eight months before I said, "Let's see what these essential oils are all about!!" I got my Premium Starter Kit Thanksgiving weekend and have never looked back.  I'm thrilled to say the oils have helped to promote my emotional well being, support wellness and slow the signs of aging. (Don't we all need that!! LOL!!)

I use the oils daily from taking capsules and in supplements, diffusing in my home and car, which is so great to enhance your mood or boost immunity, and adding them to my cosmetics, face and body lotions and as well as many other products that I use on my skin (It is the largest organ of our body!). I love being able to clean my home and laundry by adding the oils and it's all completely natural with none of the nasty smells and fumes to worry about around me or my family.

It's so fun to be able to share these oils with my family and friends watching them fall in love with all the wonderful healthy benefits they receive.  Thank you Oily Sistas and Young Living Essential Oils for changing the way I live.

I always recommend getting started the same way I did - with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best way to get introduced to some of the most popular oils for a great price!

Click HERE to become a Young Living Wholesale Member and order your Premium Starter Kit. 

Holly Reddy

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