Kelli Bodisch 

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Hi! My name is Kelli Bodisch.  My oily journey began when in 2016 my friend Courtney kept talking about these oils and posting about them on Facebook.  She really got my curiosity up!  At the time, I had a 15 month old and had just started working full time which meant she was in daycare- which also meant lots of germs and lots of sick days!  So, I inquired about the oils and how they could help her cold she had at the time.  Courtney hooked me up with some oils and even let me borrow her diffuser.  I ordered my starter kit a few days later!  Fast forward to September of 2016.  I was living in Rhode Island and just had another baby.  My daughter was going to preschool and the winters there are harsh (and I am terrified of my bitty baby getting sick!).  So, I decided to really put my oils to the test.  I made a roller with Thieves and coconut oil and rubbed it on their feet everyday.  When they got a little cold, I made another roller with lemon and lavender and another roller with RC (both diluted with coconut oil).  Their colds were better/ gone within a few days.  The last time I took baby girl to the doctor for anything other than a well check was Spring of 2016, and baby boy has never been to the doctor for anything other than well checks!  I am a believer and have really seen a difference in the health of my family!  I know you will see a difference too!!

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