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​Let's be honest. Writing a bio feels a little awkward. But... Here goes!!

I am a 34 year old mother to two beautiful daughters and a step-son. I have a super funny husband. And I do hair for and with some of the best people I've ever known.

My oil journey began when I came to the BRUTAL realization that I was in my early 30's, discovering brand new fine line wrinkles whilst battling teenage acne. O.M.G. Right?! This was my breaking point. I did what any normal woman of today would do. I hopped on Pinterest. Thank goodness for that decision! I came across a pin for Young Living Orange oil and one of the suggestions was using it to spot treat blemishes. I was ecstatic! Mainly because I knew exactly where to get this Orange oil. My friend Jean Culpeper.

I heard Jean over the months say, "There's an oil for that" or, "I just started making my own baby wipes with essential oils. You should watch my video."
So, yet again, I did what any normal woman in her early 30's, with fine line wrinkles, AND teenage acne would do. I called Jean Culpeper.

I'm sure you can tell where this story is going. Fast Forward 1 year.

I have been a Young Living LemonDropper and a part of The Oily Sistas team for 4 months now. I have about a dozen people that have decided to jump on board with me. My oil inventory is growing and my interest in this lifestyle continues to intensify. My family has removed heartburn and tummy aids, Children's Claritin, Ibuprofen, and acne fighting skin regimes (yes the mom's acne fighting skin regimes, LOL) from our medicine cabinet. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.

To start your oil journey you can email me at highnoontravel@yahoo.com and I'll be happy to help answer your questions.

Kristina Noon 

member #2239835