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My name is Liz Lucas and I first became interested in Young Living (YL) when my daughter and her friend discussed their sleep issues.  I've always had insomnia but did not think of it as a problem until I got older.  I found out that cedarwood was a helpful support in better rest and started using it.
I wanted my very own Premium Starter Kit (PSK) and ordered mine in 2017. I immediately enjoyed the benefits of peppermint for pain relief, as well as RC for support with my asthma. Purification and Peace and Calming blends quickly became favorites of mine, and Stress Away was a bonus that I've enjoyed to aid me in life's stressful moments.
Another set of oils that is exclusive to YL is the Oils of Ancient Scripture kit, which I was particularly interested in and is what actually inspired me to join Young Living. I fell in love frankincense, and pretty much all the oils in the kit: sandalwood (aloes), myrtle, myrrh, hyssop, cassia, onycha, Rose of Sharon, cedarwood and cypress. 
Upon learning more about YL, my interest in other oils and blends [that could offer emotional and feelings support] was sparked.  Disappointments happen in our lives that we can’t avoid, but I learned that certain essential oil blends can help us better deal with these feelings.  My search led me to another YL kit, the Feelings Kit, which I love so much.  My favorite oil is Present Time, which reminds me to find JOY in the moment I am in. Other oils outside the kits that I enjoy are Bergamot and Ylang-ylang; these two help me battle any feelings of sadness, especially with the help of the Lord.  Of course, my Faith in Jesus has been my main guiding force.
Lastly, we are all concerned about our health, and I love my Pilates classes and instructors.  These exercises helped with with  flexibility and relief of my neck and back pain.  I also discovered that the Raindrop Technique kit and the Active and Fit kit, both from YL, were awesome additions to my Pilates and health routine.  I love these essential oils for fitness and complete body health.
For surefire cleaning I have also tried the many Thieves products, like the mouthwash, spray and, of course, Thieves Household Cleaner. There’s so much more for the home as well. I have yet to explore YL's skincare and makeup under the ART line and Savvy Minerals.
Click Here to get started with your Premium Started Kit today.   Also ask me how you can get bonus oils each order using Essential Rewards.  I’m look forward to sharing an amazing discovery journey with you.  

Liz Lucas

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