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Hey!  My name is Lori and I love essential oils!

You’re here because you want to know more about oils, or maybe it’s for more details on why and how I became a crazy oil lady.  

Well, let me just tell you… I was a total skeptic (I mean, for years).  Until I finally decided to inquire with a friend who was using them for a natural alternative to some items in her medicine cabinet.  I finally jumped aboard the oil train and tried them for myself and quickly became a full blown believer.  To state it plainly… these oils ROCKED my world!  They have made quite the difference in my overall health and well-being.  Oh, the stories I could share…
Lastly, I was created to truly connect with people... on a personal level.  Given the opportunity I simply LOVE sharing what I’m learning and what I’m passionate about with others.  And that, my friends, is how I became a crazy oil lady.

Lori Tisdale

member #1780608