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Hey there! My name is Megan and I am a mommy to two beautiful babies. I married their amazing daddy on 12/13/14 in Maui, but we've been together since 2006. We have 2 doggies (a Siberian Husky and a ChiWeenie) and 3 crested geckos.

Young Living oils have been around in my life for years. My grandfather used Young Living oils for everything. Some of the scents actually bring back many memories of him. My family and I have "Soap Making Parties" every year with family and friends. We make homemade soaps before the holidays and always use essential oils to make them smell amazing. It's a very fun tradition.

Around the time I was pregnant with my daughter I did a ton of research on essential oils and the many different brands. But that's all I did, research. My family's health is obviously important to me and I've never been a fan of synthetic drugs, but I didn't know anyone who was using oils holistically. I was totally skeptical and didn't do anything about it until this year. I kept reading the phrase "ditch the drugstore" or "how to build your medicine cabinet with essential oils" and I read about all these different ways to use oils for more than just yummy scents. I figured, at the very least if nothing worked I would at least have oils for the soap making parties. I tried a few remedies out and was instantly hooked. From mood altering, pain relief, flavor enhancing, skin care, sleep aid, and so much more I am a total believer now! I am so excited to continue learning more ways to improve the health and well being of my family the natural way.Thank you Young Living, I am truly grateful! Join me in this amazing OILY journey!

Megan Braunwalder

member #2964724