Michelle Manner 

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For many years, well, all of my life…I’ve suffered with chronic pain.  I’ve been prescribed a myriad of medications which eventually my body catches up to and becomes immune, and what’s worse is my head is in the clouds!  

One weekend, I was at a table placing pictures in a photobook, and rubbing my back and neck due to my normal mundane aches and pains.  Even doing something as simple as sitting too long, severe pain is just miserable.  Two of my friends who were there took notice and offered to rub some of the oils on my back and neck and in specific points in my ears and wrists.  I was surprised about the relief.  They also showed me a list of benefits the various essential oils may bring to a person.  I was sold – because I have tried pills, powders/drinks, patches, rubs, and all sorts of remedies out there that I could find and I was willing to give the oils a try. 

Since then, I’ve been able to drastically reduce the prescription calls and doctor visits more than I care to admit!  And my head is now clear!!  Whenever I have the need now, I think oils first. 

Funny thing, I’ve been getting compliments lately from friends who had only seen me every few of months over the past year and how much I’ve changed.  What’s changed?  I think my inner child is finally allowed to breathe again!  While that may sound quirky to you, I find that significant ~ I miss being carefree and living a less stressful life and I feel like I am well on my way to just that nowadays!