Home or Dew Drop 

              Rainstone                                        Aria

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“I want to order, but I have no idea where to start!”


Are you ready to jump into the exciting world of essential oils?  
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Young Living offers two options for ordering product either as a wholesale member or a retail customer. What’s the difference?  24%, that’s what! While you can order all of Young Living’s products as a retail customer, you will be paying retail pricing.  As a wholesale member, you will be able to purchase product at a 24% discount off the retail cost.  Who doesn’t love paying less for the same goods, right? If you love your oils and order them often (which we know you will), having that discount can really add up! In order to become a wholesale member, you will need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit. The good news here is that this is the route we ALWAYS recommend to anyone new to essential oils (and the way we got started) because it is a fantastic value and provides you with a variety of the most common oils to start with!  

​Young Living also recently released their Premium Starter Kit featuring your choice of the Home, Dewdrop, Rainstone or the Aria Diffuser (see costs in above image). They even have these kits available in Spanish or international versions! Purchasing the Premium Starter Kit automatically enrolls you as a wholesale member and allows you to purchase all future product at the wholesale cost (kinda like Costco with no membership fee).  Don’t worry, though – Young Living isn’t like other companies.  You won’t be locked into any other purchases by enrolling as a wholesale member, but you will be able to enjoy the wholesale discount on any future orders!