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Paige Cooper

member #2499714

Hey guys! My name is Paige Cooper, Kris Cooper is my mom and Dawn Taylor is my aunt, I’m so lucky to have the original Oily Sistas around to teach me how to use these oils. I graduated with my degree in engineering and am continuing with my graduate studies in Education at California Baptist University! I'm teaching kindergarten all the way through college age right now and am planning on being a full-time college professor. I'm also a newly married as my husband and I, who've been dating since high school, just got married this year. We love using Young Living as a daily routine in our lives keeping us healthy around all the germs we come in contact with, skincare items, using the cleaning products and of course our daily Ningxia Red shot!  We're always able to text my mom and have her tell us exactly what oils to use and we love always learning more. These oils have changed her life and they are doing the same for us, even though I still like to call them voo-doo...haha! Don’t worry, the voo-doo thing is just a fun joke between me and my mom, I’m so thankful God has blessed us with His medicines.