Hi! My name is Rachel Stump and I live in beautiful Southern California with my husband Aaron of 10 years, and our two kids Graham (6) and Calleigh (4). Since having our children we have become very interested in ways to keep our family healthy, yet haven't ever found the answer in western medicine. Doctors haven't healed our ailments, they have simply treated our symptoms. The RX (synthetic) medications they prescribe always seem to cause more health issues. It’s was a vicious cycle that took a lot of time and money, and didn’t yield any positive healthy results.

When I began my journey with Young Living I was very skeptical. I tried other oil brands in the past and hadn’t seen any positive benefits from using them. I just couldn’t see how Young Living essential oils would be any different. I realized very quickly that not only were Young Living oils completely different from the other brands I had tried, but they were so pure I could even ingest several of them! I could use them to help with many of the issues I had. I used peppermint Young Living essential oil for heartburn and I used DiGize (a Young Living essential oil blend) for indigestion. No other company has essential oils SO PURE that they are specifically labeled and FDA approved for ingestion!

I quickly learned they not only support my emotional well-being, but they hold amazing power to fight infection, combat germs, (like nothing else on the market can) and even help with my insomnia! I couldn't believe that these little oil bottles held that much power inside of them! My spirits have been lifted, and I'm a true believer now in the power of oils, simply because they have WORKED!

Young Living oils have been a complete god-send to our family. We have done a complete medicine cabinet makeover and our health and wellness has never been better! I hope you'll give it a try too and see how amazing they can be for yourself and your family!

I am now completing my certification in French Aromatherapy to keep moving forward to learn all I can about the use of pure essential oils! 

I always recommend getting started the same way I did - with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best way to get introduced to some of the most popular oils for a great price!

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Rachel Stump 

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