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Hello, my name is Robin. I'm a mother of 3 active children, elementary school teacher, and an avid user of Essential oils. I was introduced to Essential Oils while on a spiritual, healing trip in Hawaii several years ago. I was pretty sunburned and a friend of mine misted my hot, fried skin with some lavender and peppermint. It worked like a charm cooling and soothing my body, and hooked me in to using them daily for a variety of things. The more I studied their properties, the more things I began using them for; from migraines and muscle soreness, to bug repellent and disinfectants, there are millions of ways to incorporate them into your daily life. 

I love these natural remedies that keep me and my family healthy, without having to use chemicals and unnecessary filler ingredients. Let me know how I can help you create a more healthy lifestyle.

Robin Cordrey

member #3604358