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I am the mother of two teenagers, one pre-teen and a starved-for-attention dog. My background is in massage therapy and therapeutic yoga. Helping others live a clean life on a path to everyday wellness is my passion. For the past three and a half years, we’ve used Young Living Essential Oils and products for chemical-free cleaning, nutritional support, sleep support, emotional well-being support, facial care support, pet support, make-up/hair care support and a host of other areas! We have gone from a home full of chemical cleaners and OTC products to a virtually 90% chemical-free home. I educate others on the areas that matter most to their well-being and we start there. Once we achieve success in one area, we move on to the next. It works like this until you develop a routine and comfort level with using your oils daily. There are always questions I can’t answer so we have a wonderful support group on Facebook run by the Oily Sistas and I also have an educational group called “Essential Oil Basics: Path to Everyday Wellness” with weekly Facebook Lives on Thursday nights. Welcome to Young Living! It’s my pleasure to be your educator as you find your path to everyday wellness. 

Sheila Fox Tam

member #2893105