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Sherry Thompson​member #12038025

Hi my name is Sherry and yes - I do love Essential Oils.  These oils have brought me and my family (2 boys and a dog) so many health and wellness blessings and I'm excited to share what I've learned with you.  God put these oils here for us to enjoy and benefit from and most of the principals still stand true today.
A native of Chicago and now living in Southern California, I have lived much of my life on principles that make me a better person. As a cancer survivor, (3 times) I learned early on how precious life can be and that the biggest contribution I could make in my life is to help others. 
My boys and I live a life of a more natural, non toxic life style and the oils allow us to do so by eliminating many toxins from our home.  We strive daily to lead a healthy lifestyle and I'm excited to share with you how you can as well.
My favorite oil is Frankincense - it has so many positive benefits that I can not go a day without it.  I also love lavender to assist with a more peaceful sleep and the lemon taste great in my water.  Oh I can go on and on......contact me today to learn more of this wonderful journey.