I always recommend getting started the same way I did - with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best way to get introduced to some of the most popular oils for a great price!

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I have been using essential oils in my massage therapy practice for over 14 years. When I tried Young Living just a few months ago I was humbled and amazed at the difference in the quality and how well they WORKED! I've always loved the smell of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citrus, just to name a few. But these YL therapeutic grade essential oils' healing properties go way beyond a nice smell. 

In August 2014 I was introduced to Young Living essential oils by a neighbor. She shared Lavender for sleep, the "allergy trio" (peppermint, lemon and lavender), a cute little blue roller ball with Thieves to fight off colds/flus and a little salve jar of "pain cream." (Panaway, Valor, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Copaiba)

The first couple of days I was busy with life of being a mom of 3 busy kids, a wife and working so I just didn't pay much attention to the samples. Then one afternoon I got a sore throat. I remembered the roller ball of Thieves for cold/flu symptoms and rolled it onto the bottoms of my feet and front and back of my neck. Honestly, I was skeptical, but I did that and went to bed. Um HELLO!! I woke up the next morning with no sore throat, in fact no signs of a cold coming on at all. I remember thinking, whoa, that really worked! 

A few days later we had a summer thunderstorm and my dog and sister's dog, were a wreck with anxiety from the rolling thunder. I applied a drop of Peace and Calming behind each of the dogs' ears and within a few minutes they both curled up on their dog beds and zonked out. Again I was amazed. 

A few days later my husband had a bad stomach ache. I rolled some Thieves on his belly and bottoms of feet. He was fine after a couple of hours and got up and went for a jog. I was shocked, he frequently would be down for several hours with these belly aches but applying the Thieves did something to calm things down. OK, I thought, there really is something to these oils. 

I ended up ordering my Premium Starter Kite in October, 2014. It arrived a few weeks later and I was in LOVE! I diffused Peppermint immediately and then diffused Lavender before bedtime. Ahhh...

After experimenting with the PSK oils and all they were helping with for my family and me, I then started incorporating them into massage sessions for my clients. 

As I stated earlier, I've always used essential oils in my massage practice but they were brands I would get a local health food stores. One evening I used YL Lavender in the massage oil rather than the store bought Lavender. I did nothing else different. My clients commented left and right how great the session was and what was I doing different? Nothing, just using YL oils rather than store bought. I thought to myself, "Wow, really? This is so cool!" My love for the oils grew stronger.

This made me want to learn more a wellness/massage technique called Raindrop. A friend of mine had been practicing Raindrop for several years with YL oils and showed me how to do it as well as gave me a session so I could feel it. YUM!! SO relaxing! My frequently tight back felt so light and free afterwards. I immediately ordered the 9 oils for the Raindrop technique and now incorporate that into my massage practice as an add on or in it's own session. My clients are loving it! And I love giving it because I absorb those 9 healing oils while I give the treatment. 

Raindrop is a non invasive technique that is great for people who don't like traditional massage. My mom has fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and often doesn't always enjoy massage because even light pressure is sometimes uncomfortable to her. 

When I was learning the Raindrop technique, I used my mom as a model. After the session, my mom was so happy and smiling ear to ear. She had frozen shoulder for several weeks prior and came out of the session with relief. One session! She lifted her arm straight above her head and exclaimed, "I can lift my arm!" I totally wanted to cry!!!

I am continuously amazed at the power of Young Living essential oils and I look forward to helping you discover what oils are best for you and your family. I am also happy to share samples of any oils you may want to try out first. You're going to love these oils! πŸ’œ


Susan Holmes

member #2120096