Tammy De Armas

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Hi!  My name is Tammy De Armas and I was introduced to these oils by a coworker last year as I had a splitting headache and was planning on going home for the day.  She said rub this on the back of your neck and wait a few minutes.  Within 10 minutes, not only was the headache gone I didn’t even have any lingering soreness.  Those who experience major headaches know what I am talking about. I called Kris and ordered the DEEP RELIEF….. Then I herniated my L4/L5 a few few months later… Again DEEP RELIEF on back and down the leg for the referring nerve pain.  My husband is a chiropractor was sold on the relief he saw me have.   I did my research and looked at costs of other oils, etc.  Being a born skeptic, I think I am a pretty stubborn sell but the proof was in the amazing relief. This has become a family thing for all of us, and oils are a way of life for us.  I have three grown kids 23, 22, and almost 19 who each use oils! They are an answer to many pains, promote wellness, reduce stress, smell awesome and are just amazing.  I would love to help encourage you on your oily journey!

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