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Hi! My name is Terry. I live in San Diego with my hubby and two schnauzers. I started out with essential oils all the wrong ways ... shopping in the malls and online, and buying oils that now I could kick myself for applying, let alone breathing!

A friend gave me gentle hints about Young Living for almost a year before I purchased my kit. My husband and I were getting about 3-4 hours of broken sleep. Now a swirl of oils on our big toes, and we are out for the night. Even the dogs bow their heads for their night time oils.

Young Living essential oils give our family the well being and health I was missing. I can't imagine being with out them now. I use them every single day to help to relieve pain (I have hip bursitis), to relax and sleep, and to help make my skin more youthful. Young Living essential oils replaced almost all the over the counter drugs in our medicine cabinet. And my Dewdrop diffuser .... it's my personal aromatherapy spa right here at home!

Terry Wolfe

member #3189317