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Hi, my name is Tracey!  I am a proud mom of two boys (ah- hem, young men), Emmanuel (25) and David (17).  They are both directly responsible for my love for all things Essentials Oils~ Emmanuel in that back in 2015 he would come home with various 'miscellaneous' oils and ask me to ‘Try it!’.  Intrigued, I began to investigate the possibility of using oils to help David stay above the wellness line in terms of asthma and eczema. 

I purchased my Premium Starter Kit in February 2016.  Slowly but surely, I introduced oils to David as a part of his daily routine.  To my delight, I was able to ween him off of various inhalers and steroidal creams (which he hated to apply- they made his skin feel ‘creamy’ and never alleviated the itch or otherwise gave him relief). Today David wears his oils with confidence.  He takes oil infused supplements daily without being reminded, and as a result, has not had one emergency room visit since using his oils. NOT ONE!!  His allergist, who has been treating him since he was 2yrs old, is also pleased with his progress.  

My love for oils only began there. I have spent my 30+ year career in IT Leadership at a Fortune 500 Company.  This career keeps me on the go~ I travel often. Although I consider myself healthy, prior to using oils, I had noticed that my 50+ year old body did not ‘spring out of bed’ like it did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. I found myself having to ease out, as if having to ‘warm up’ my joints. Additionally, my body started going through its natural hormonal changes for this age, which has its own set of side effects.  I must say, however, since incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into my daily routine, I feel great!  I am once again able to ‘jump out of bed’, I do not have hormonal mood swings, I am able to curb my appetite, and I do not experience hot flashes.  I call that a WIN!!

You are here on my profile, so you probably already know I am an extrovert. Since I love to talk to strangers, it has been quite natural for me to share my love for all things Young Living Essential Oils with the people I meet each day. You've made it this far... hop on this oily train with me. Create your own chemical free home environment, and take control of your own wellness, one drop at a time!

Tracey Daley 

member #3711561